Crazy 88 auto loans That You Need to Know

Must Know for Buyers: Car Loan Requirement & Crazy 88 Auto Loans


crazy-88auto-loansApplying for a car loan can be a source of stress for a lot of people but this is not the case ate Crazy 88 auto loans. In many banks and companies, you won’t get approved because of bad credit yet, there is just too much paperwork to be completed.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Read through this article. Here is a basic listing of everything which may be asked of you when you do visit a bank, any other financial institution or a car dealership for an auto loan.

Identification Cards, Etc.

This is usually one of the first things which banks and other financial institutions will look for, naturally. They will forgo the whole shebang if you have done business with them in the past but they will still ask for a few IDs or documents.

Some car dealers may overlook this bit but this is also very important if you have decided to apply for Crazy 88 auto loans.

Usually, these are: a photo ID with your signature on it, original copies of current utility bills (electricity, water, phone, etc.) registered to the address on your photo ID and the bank statements for the month and the month before this. The last one should also indicate the same address of the first two.

Here, you would notice how important proof of residence is for these financial institutions. This is the easiest way that the banks will know where to send the bills.

If you have other IDs like insurance, stock certificates, and government issued cards, bring it with you as well.

Proof of Income

It is quite obvious why banks and lending agencies will want to see this. They want to be assured that they will get paid. The same is true if you want to get Crazy 88 auto loans.

Here are some examples of the papers you need to show: bank statements or pay stubs, documents of other assets which can be used as collateral for your loan, credit cards, verified papers for other loans you made and mortgage documents.

Insurance Policy for the Car

You will need to show this to the bank before you get the loan. It all seems confusing for first time buyers but this is a need for them. It’s possible to have the car dealership work this out for you when you’re about to buy it but having the insurance way before that is a huge help, too, says Crazy 88 auto loans experts.

This is sort of a protection against high insurance rates which may be offered by the dealership.  Young people, first-time drivers and high-risk drivers may want to know beforehand how much they’ll be paying for insurance before they get the car.

Again, if you go for a dealership and choose Crazy 88 auto loans, they will be the ones to prep all the papers. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself about these details anymore.

Down Payment

This could be categorized as one of the ‘additional’ requirements but we are including it here as a must. A lot of dealerships out there may offer ‘no down payment’ schemes these days but we suggest that you don’ go for that so that you could lessen the monthly disbursements plus interest rates which you’ll need to pay for in the future.

The down payment usually amounts to 20% of the total cost of the car, at least. If you have saved more than that, go ahead and go over the asking price.

If you are thinking of going straight to a car dealership, you should definitely consider applying for Crazy 88 auto loans. These are so easy to apply for, thanks to their website which has secure fill-out forms which anyone could complete. Check them out now!

Fort Lauderdale Buy Here Pay Here Options

Buy Here Pay Here Fort Lauderdale

BHPH Fort Lauderdale is in business to help car buyers with bad credit receive a car loan.

Buy here pay here Fort has just gone completely live. They offer a service that makes the car buying experience easy and fun. With all the stress incorporated with buying a car, this service can be a great option that can make your life easier. They have been recognized for doing most of the leg work for you when it comes to securing a car loan and locating the closest and best car dealership for you.

You can forget about the hassle of dealing with banks in an attempt to gain auto financing. Furthermore, you can save money on gas expenses with the task of traveling around town driving from one car lot to another. Fort Lauderdale Buy Here Pay Here deals exclusively with car dealers that offer in house financing. Essentially the car lot is the bank. You’re experience will include a 3 prong system where your car loan, finding a car and the purchase of your vehicle will all be executed at the same place. As a result, when the deal is finalized, the car lot will hold the note on your newly purchased car.

Good news for all the prospective car buyers out there that are in a complicated financial situation, Our Fort Lauderdale dealers have a non-discriminate system that will accept an application from anyone applying. The majority of their customers have bad credit or no credit at all. Furthermore, some customers have a complicated past, including evictions, foreclosures and even repossessions. Even if your income is lower than what banks require for loan approval, or if you don’t have any money to put down, you might be in luck and it’s a good chance a car loan can be obtained for you. So don’t be pessimistic and doubt that you have a chance in getting a car loan and buying a car, with BHPH Fort Lauderdale, you have a great chance.

I think the best part about their buy here pay here system is that it can all be done through their website. All the car buyer has to do is provide some personal information that is important in the quest of obtaining auto financing. The application process is also very fast and easy. Additionally it’s safe, so the car buyer can rest assure that their personal information is secure and will be protected.

Not only does they offer this service for Fort Lauderdale residents, but it is also available for anyone that lives in the state of Florida. So if this type of service sounds like something that you would be interested in, you can take advantage of it right not by visiting their website at